Silk Robe Middle Length

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The bathrobe is part of a limited series of products, hand-dyed with the same plants. The same multi-layer technique is used for color modification. The products in the series are similar, but each of them is unique and has its own story. It is possible that there are some discrepancies in the shade, as well as tones that are missing in other items in the same series.

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Bathrobe made of 100% natural satin silk, hand-dyed with wild and garden flowers and leaves. No synthetic dyes, fixatives and / or other chemicals were used in the dyeing process. Proper maintenance of the products requires manual washing with water up to 30 degrees with a gentle / non-aggressive detergent. Wash separately from other clothes. After washing, gently squeeze the water and place the product to dry on a flat surface on a towel. You can iron the silk at the appropriate temperature while it is still damp.

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Lilac, Sandcastle, Rose, Black Rose, Summer Field with Violet


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