It is said that each of our senses creates different sensory memories. To make it unforgettable, we have prepared a gift set that will affect at least three of them.

No one can resist the combination of the rich taste of dark chocolate and the delicate aroma of cherries, adding to the recipe a pinch of peppery chili, this chocolate becomes an irresistible pleasure. The intertwining of flavors from bitter to sweet is a proven delight for the senses, but do not rush, and wait until the end, when the taste of chili will overwhelm them and bring them back again and again and again.

A lighted candle always gives a feeling of coziness and warmth. With the Millennium Scent aroma you will turn this experience into a real ritual. A fragrance inspired by a perfectly combined mix of splendor and intimacy. This scent will take you to new heights and make you fly.

Yes, there is love at first sight! Especially if you wear exquisite silk, dyed in colors that whisper at the same time strength and tenderness, luxury and modesty, all found in Narcisse set of two parts.